Survival Playlist

Welcome to the first version of
the Survival Playlist
– a sister project to Empty Room

What is it?

While developing Empty Room I became more and more interested in the songs or music that we use to get us through difficult times. Music has been central to my life and my art and I wanted to explore other people’s relationship to music in their lives.
The Survival Playlist is a playlist made up of submissions from audiences of Empty Room as well as anyone around the world who gets in touch, either through email, Facebook or Twitter.
Your submission can be a single song, several songs, an album, a concert, a band etc.
Please feel free to get in touch through any of the above. And if you feel free to share, let me know how this music relates to a specific time in your life, if this song or piece of music is uplifting, cathartic, nostalgic or anything else for you. I will never share any information you consider private.
You can also listen to all this wonderful music through the Survival Playlist on my YouTube channel

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The Survival Playlist


My Heart Will Go On – Postmodern Jukebox submitted by Emily Jane Kerr

Loveless (album) – My Bloody Valentine submitted by Peyee Chen

Take My Hand – Clare Cordell submitted by Emily Jane Kerr

The Civil Wars submitted by Lizzie Franks

Lucky Man – The Verve/Richard Ashcroft submitted by Lee Murray

Streets of Philadelphia – Bruce Springsteen submitted by Lot Grundy

That’s Amore – Dean Martin submitted by Lee Murray

Don’t Touch My Hair – Solange submitted by Peyee Chen

Stay Gold + Shattered and Hollow – First Aid Kit submitted by Bethan Vann

Whole Damn Year – Mary J. Blige  submitted by Peyee Chen

Jazz Man – Carole King submitted by Dan Egglington


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