Miriam Gould is a theatre-maker, performer, musician and writer.
Some of these things pay the bills, all of these things give her joy.

Image by Nina Carrington



At the start of lockdown (version 1.0) a potential live performance collaboration turned into an ambitious podcast idea. And thanks to mentors and the support of Arts Council England, this podcast has now come into being.

The Fateful Tale of Chesapeake Bay is a 4-part podcast made with Judith Anketell about the ecological decline of the Chesapeake Bay. It’s a scientific and historical narrative told by artists, so it’s full of poetry and song as well as facts and musings. It is a desperate and tragic tale with points of light dotted throughout. The final episode will air on January 1st 2021 to mark a fresh start, including conversations with inspirational individuals who are taking the time to spread awareness, engagement and enjoyment of nature.

Here are some links so you can listen:

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Oddvent is an online advent calender curated by Gemma Brockiss specifically for the isolated, but not exclusively so. Every day gives the audience a new door behind which a magical work of art, or moment, or image is, each celebrating an object and made by an artist.
Miriam was fortunate enough to collaborate with Susanne Dietz for her contribution (10th Dec, also the first day of Hanukka).
To visit the calendar please go to oddvent.com and you can purchase the keys/passwords to unlock all the doors that have been as well as those still to come. Some of the incredible artists included in this gorgeous project are award-winning performance-maker Melanie Wilson, Tai Shani (Turner Prize winner) and Shamira Turner and Eugenie Pastor (of Little Bulb and She Goat)
To visit Miriam and Susanne’s door, please go to oddvent.com/calendar and enter door number 10 with the password: de-light


The band that couldn’t name itself for years finally has a name. AND AN ALBUM!!

House of Keys is: Dominic Conway, Clare Beresford, Miriam Gould, Adam Brodigan and Sam Richards (with guest appearance by Enrico Aurigemma)

The album is: Anyway Anyway

Listen/purchase here:

Miriam Who?

Miriam Gould is an Associate Artist of Little Bulb Theatre, co-Artistic Director of female theatre duo Double Trouble as well as a solo-artist, writer and freelance theatre-maker. She comes from a mixed American-Italian-Jewish background and currently resides in Somerset. She has collaborated with a number of artists, curators and companies such as Donald Hutera, Melanie Wilson and CBeebies. She is a musician (violin/viola/voice) and composer, whose music is integral to her theatre work. Miriam also plays with several bands and musicians and enjoys a good old-fashioned jam around a campfire no matter the weather.